Meet the students from Cardiff Met – Georgia, Zoe and Polly who will be recording insights from the Summit through their illustrations. You will find their work through the Summit Twitter hashtag: #wksummit17

Georgia Pearson

Georgia Pearson is a third year student currently studying Illustration at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

She is interested in exploring a wide variety of subject matter, and is particularly drawn to topics about the human condition and narratives. She uses a range of media within her practice but is especially drawn to using watercolour and gouache paint.

In the future she hopes to become a freelance illustrator and collaborate with other artists and authors. You can find her website at
And on twitter @Georgia_pea

Zoe Nunn

Zoë is currently in her final year university, studying Illustration at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

She has a passion for experiencing and capturing the natural world, and since the start of her university course, she has been working on her ability to represent this through the use of paint.

She strives to create a tangible atmosphere for the audience to become immersed in, by using light and colour to capture and celebrate the natural world.

Her Twitter and Instagram handle is :zoejnunn

Polly Thomas-Colquhoun

Polly Thomas-Colquhoun is currently completing her degree in Illustration at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Polly’s main interest is in theatre design, and how illustration can be translated into its practice.

As a part of artistic collaboration ‘McLean & Colquhoun’, she has designed and helped direct the opera “The Middle of Nowhere” which was preformed in Cardiff in February 2016.

Polly hopes to continue with her experiments in design and illustration as a means of communication of greater social/political themes. @pollycolquhoun