I’m Yasmin, a Mum to a beautiful one year old little boy Theo, who has Down syndrome and has previously battled nearly 4 months against his congenital heart defects. He later had open heart surgery to correct them. I am his advocate and run a blog and Facebook page by the name Theo’s Diary to spread positive awareness and acceptance. I also run a coinciding Instagram by the name, mrtheosmum. It also helps me to communicate and reach out to other families in similiar situations, who may be a long distance away. These is why I think that social media communications are vital, so we can reach out to others, whom normally may be out of reach to us. I also work part time as a swimming instructor, helping children to swim and also as a lifeguard. I currently study a degree in Media, Culture and Journalism. I believe in equity over equality to create fair chances for everyone in life. I am often the voice of reason and enjoy providing a realistic outlook on my walk of life. I believe everyone who is alive deserves to be provided with respect and a good quality of life. I live by a quote by a scientific genius, who doesn’t let his disability hold him back, Stephen Hawking, “Where there is life, there is hope.”